Siracusa is a must destination and also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Ortigia, Siracusa’s Città Vecchia (Old Town) was originally a Greek settlement, a gem – a treasure island, indeed: cobbled streets, gorgeous sunsets over the sea, its cultural and historical heritage and its constant stream of locals mingled with tourists. Enjoy Ortigia’s many fine trattorie, visit the Teatro Greco and the Anfiteatro Romano, as well as the Latomia del Paradiso (Paradise Quarry), the most famous ancient quarry; Siracusa’s unique climate only, allows papyrus plants to flourish outside the Nile Valley. You may visit the nearby Caine River and enjoy a trekking or a 1 hour cruise there, and the Museo del Papiro.
The necropolis of Pantalica is the biggest world’s necropolis and UNESCO world heritage. About 5000 cave graves digged in the natural stone. Pantalica also offers a rich and interesting flora.

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