Feast And Festivals In Sicily

July 2024 Print

01 Jul

  • 11 June - 18 September

    Taormina (Messina) - Taormina arte (Taormina Art)

    A rich theater, music, dance, art and opera season. https://festivaltaorminarte.it/

05 Jul

  • 5 - 7 July

    Maletto (Catania) - Sagra della fragola (Strawberry Festival)

    Traditional festival with sweets and typical products made with strawberry.

14 Jul

  • 14 July

    Palermo - Festa di Santa Rosalia (Feast of Santa Rosalia)

    "U fistìnu", A huge float known as the “Carro” carrying the statue of the patron Saint paraded through the town, Torchlight processions, fireworks, music bands and performances turn Palermo into an open air theater for one week.

19 Jul

  • 19 - 21 July

    Aci Trezza (Catania) - Sagra del pesce spada (Hammerfish Festival)

    Held during the religious celebrations in honor of patron Saint Giovanni Battista.

24 Jul

  • 24 - 28 July

    Trapani - Stragusto, Mediterranean street food festival

    Local producers and events meet together in the suggestive Piazza del Mercato del Pesce

  • 24 - 25 July and 14 - 15 August

    Caltagirone (Catania) - La scala illuminata

    The highlight of the summer in Caltagirone, is the Luminaria Festival, held July 24-25, celebrating the city’s patron saint St.James and on the eve of August 14-15, celebrating SS. Maria del Ponte. The main landmark in town is the impressive Scala di Santa Maria del Monte, an exceptional staircase of 142 steps, connecting the old city at the top to the new at the bottom - the risers of each step are uniquely painted majolica tiles, and no two have the same design – rightly a Unesco World Heritage site.
    During the celebrations, the steps are illuminated with thousands of small colourful oil lamps to create a true work of Art!. A unique evocative experience!