Catania is Sicily’s second largest city and the most important city in Eastern Sicily. Catania is colourful, vibrant, and chaotic and boasts a charming historic centre. Catania was rebuilt in the late baroque style of the day, after the 1693 earthquake; Catania is listed in the UNESCO World patrimony sites.
Catania is not a primary tourist destination and first impressions aren’t always favourable because of its depressed suburbs; despite all Catania is a truely fascinating city with notable cultural sites, nice restaurants, lively markets, and its own special flair. Check the many cultural activities at Catania’s Teatro Massimo Bellini.
Catania offers the best shopping in Sicily!
Avoid driving in Catania, if you can – Traffic is terrible and parking is challenging.
To eat excellent Arancini (typical Sicilian stuffed rice balls) choose between “Savia” or “Spinella”: they are one close to the other on the same Via Etnea.

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